OpbouwTilesSmall2Geoide now supports fast tile services. The Geoide Viewer retrieves its maps and areal photographs significantly faster. Zooming and panning is virtually without any delay. The advantages are the most noticeable when using fast internet such as ADSL or glass fibre. Geoide supports tile map services working with protocols OGC:WMTS (Web Map Tile Service) and TMS (Tile Map Service) based on HTTP Key-ValuePair en RESTful. The TMS protocol is the (unofficial) standard and is used (among others) in OpenStreetMap. The WMTS protocol has recently be determined by the OGC consortium. > Start application with tiling and caching (Dutch version only) > Download Geoide Base Application Geoide Viewer extension Part of the new development is an extension of the Geoide Viewer with a handy zoomslider and the possibility to use the scroll wheel of your mouse for zooming. Maps using WMTS or TMS can be configurated through the Geoide Author as usual. Acknowledgement The new development in Geoide has been made possible by the Municipality of Roermond in cooperation with the Province of Limburg, the Municipality of Sitard-Geleen and the Safety Region North-Limburg. For the set-up and configuration of Tile Services, using GeoWebCache or GDAL you may consult IDgis.