Many organisations have applied Geoide successfully over the past years. A few applications are public through the Internet, but most applications have been build for intranet or are accessible only by authorized users.

On this page you find some interesting examples of Geoide on Internet.


Geoide  IMRO ViewerThe Spatial Planning Manager (Conceptplannen) is a tool to support the Dutch spatial planning process. This application is used by the local government to manage digital plans, according to the Dutch standard for digital spatial plans (IMRO).

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GeoloketHomeThe Environmental Agency of the Province of Utrecht in the Netherlands has renewed their online atlas on environmental data.

This atlas is part of the digital help desk for environmental issues. Geoide is used as the online map viewer. People can find accurately and quickly desired information on environmental issues on the location of interest. Moreover residents and professional users may download, by means of the Geoide reporting tool, an environmental summary on a specific location. This overview contains a map of the area and relevant environmental data.

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One of the applications of Geoide Software has been made for the Digital Help Desk for European Grants. This help desk has been installed for the Province Overijssel in the Netherlands. People who are interested in the European Grant programme are supported online with their requests for European grants. Geoide is used as on-line map viewer. Users can see through the viewer which grants requests are pending and for which projects. You can zoom to great detail level to find requests for specific locations and you can search requests by entering features. The map combines a spatial overview with additional information on the grant requests. > Visit the Digital help Desk for European Grants (in Dutch) > Start the Geoide Viewer  


In the southern part of the Netherlands there is increasing interest in cross-border projects.