Geoide Viewer is a user-friendly GIS Web client. Geoide has its own services, and uses local or remote Open GIS services. Geoide Viewer comes with the Geoide Author, the user-friendly GUI to configure the Geoide Viewer. Geoide perfectly integrates with deegree, the open-source solution for building geospatial web-services. Geoide makes use of deegree software to configure services

Key Features:

  • Retrieval and presentation of GIS information through the internet;
  • Information retrieval in maps by means of maptips and search queries;
  • Multiple authorization levels for access to maps and/or menu options;
  • Editing map geometries (adding and editing of points, lines and polygons). Edited points are automatically snapped to existing coordinates;
  • Fully exchangeable with OpenGIS-servers;
  • OpenSource (LGPL).

Geoide is also available for small screens such as in pda's and mobile phones.